precor resolute series rear delt pec fly rsl0505

New equipment: PRECOR™ Resolute Series Rear Delt / Pec Fly (RSL0505)

The Resolute Strength™ Rear Delt / Pec Fly features dual independent-movement arms that can each be set to 13 starting positions over a 120-degree range to accommodate a wide variety of exercisers and targeted training. The weight tower is offset to the right for most convenient access. Give it a try at Anaplasis Gym!

precor resolute series inner thigh rsl0620

New equipment: PRECOR™ Resolute Series Inner Thigh (RSL0620)

The Resolute™ Strength Inner Thigh targets the adductor muscles while providing privacy by positioning the exerciser toward the weight stack tower. The easy-to-operate adjustable start position allows easy entry and exit from the equipment. Give it a try at Anaplasis Gym!

whit monday 2023

Whit Monday 2023 – National Holiday

Announcement Dear members, our gym will be closed for the upcoming holidays (Pentecost – Monday of the Holy Spirit): Monday 05/06/2023 We will be back on Tuesday 06/06/2023. Have a nice holiday!

Stairmaster 8Gx

New cardio equipment: Stairmaster Model 8Gx

Model 8Gx Introducing the all-new StairMaster 8Gx! This powerhouse product provides a superior combination of cardio and strength training with features like a durable, rust free polypropylene construction, ergonomic handrails to support multiple climbing positions and an all-new drive train that delivers smooth, quiet performance. Its combination of quality and innovation delivers a workout that’s […]