Xenios Zachariou

xenios zachariou

Education:Physical Education and Sport Sciences (TEFAA) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Experience:10 years


Xenios Zachariou

Personal Trainer


Xenios treats each client differently, recognizing that what works for one person may not work for another. He believes that health and fitness goals can be reached through hard,smart training and a little bit of determination. Since 2010 he has pushed clients past what they thought were their physical limits. In addition, he believes in intense training programs that are rich in variety, challenging your muscles and cardiovascular system while focusing on the mind/body connections. Xenios incorporates functional training in his workouts, making sure that each workout helps clients improve physical performance outside the gym. He strives to make each workout a challenging learning experience, ensuring clients know how to properly perform exercises along with the ensuing benefits.

Education & Certification:


  • Personal training
  • Weight lifting
  • Functional training


  • Monday – Friday 07:00-21:00